MARQUEE MEDIACORP is a boutique Creative Studio and Digital Marketing Agency helping small business clients achieve greater success with dynamic digital solutions.

James Stanley

President & CEO

(561) 406-9553


In the mid 1990’s I started designing logos, business cards, formatting friends’ resumes, creating flyers, posters and brochures; then fell into corporate desktop publishing and software training on Wall Street. A far cry from my course of study at university, but bills gotta be paid! As the interwebs (LOL) continued to grow and gain momentum; I transitioned to designing websites, learned the world of digital marketing, picked up social media management and discovered an affinity for video production and editing.

These experiences and acquired knowledge positively influenced my parallel career as a theatre director, artistic director and producer (Jeremy Quinn); quickly becoming a valuable asset. Now both sides compliment each other with the ability to boldly tell stories in an authentic and creative way regardless the medium.

So MARQUEE MEDIACORP was born. It only made perfect sense to combine everything, over 20 years worth, into the structure of a formal business. And since I grew up in South Florida, it was a very natural decision to choose this location as a home base. It’s a joy to come home again and bring it all full circle.

Let’s do this. Let’s create magic and infinite possibilities.



Our Mission

We are driven by our mission to help you get more customers and engage your already-existing fan base by implementing successful, integrated, online strategies with the highest level of integrity. Traffic coming to your website needs to be converting and doing what it’s supposed to – providing an income for YOU.

Our experience coupled with our passion affords us the opportunity to build and maintain long-term relationships with our clients. We trust that you too will love the work we do, the services we provide and see just how easy we are to work with.

We're excited about the possibilities waiting to be created.


People and Companies with whom we've been working

How does “boutique” benefit YOU?

Glad you asked.

Because we don’t take on an enormous amount of clients or accept a large volume of projects; we’re able to focus on the quality of everything we do and give you personal expert attention. We want to COLLABORATE with you in an organized approach, explain things in plain English (not “tech speak”) and do what it takes to get it right...every time.